Welcome to Holly Ridge Farm

About Us

Our 40-acre Farm sits on a beautiful hilltop in western Wisconsin. After 10 years of making the 1 hour drive between St. Paul, MN and HRF and back, mostly on weekends, we made the decision in 2017 to move to the country. With this move we started raising Leicester Longwool sheep and a couple of Toggenburg goats. The Leicester Longwool is a heritage breed sheep with fleece prized by hand spinners for its curl and lustrous beauty.  The Toggenburg is a handsome and social goat and one of the first breeds to be formally registered. Along with our sheep we keep bees and hens that generously provide honey and eggs throughout the year. Our organic orchard of antique fruit trees and two acres of native prairie grasses and wildflowers provide a wonderful habitat for bees, butterflies and birds year round. 


Our Farm


Holly Ridge Farm started as 40-acres of land where we could take our dog Holly for a run in the country. It has since turned into an active Farm where we now live and enjoy raising animals, and tending to our orchard and gardens.   

Our Sheep


We raise Leicester Longwool sheep, a heritage breed known for their curl and lustrous fleece. Originally from England, the breed was introduced into the United States in the 1700's, and by the 1930's or 1940's, they  had declined to almost none. In 1990 Colonial Williamsburg re-established the breed, which are still considered threatened by the Livestock Conservancy.

Our Fiber


We sell raw fleece, roving and yarn from our flock. Depending on the shearing schedule, the fleece can be between 5 - 10+" in length. Because of its length and luster, the fleece is highly prized by hand spinners.